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Recent news and Articles:
2/9/2014      MEETING at St Joseph's Church, St Joseph's, PA - 1:00 PM
The Friendsville Group is Re-forming to Protect Landowner Rights
The Friendsville Group Gas Leases will start to expire in September 2014 if read more »
1/12/2010      An Example of 3D Seismic Survey

This video shows an example of 3D Seismic Survey activity near Dimock, PA.  This will give you some idea of what we can expect on our property when PGS On-Shore conducts the 3D seismic survey in the first half of 2010 for Fortuna

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8/4/2009      Increased Natural Gas Projections from Marcellus Shale
'"If the natural gas from the Marcellus could be extracted on demand, the Marcellus alone would last the U.S.A. more than 19 years, producing 489 trillion cubic feet of gas," Engelder said Monday.'
"Late last year, Engelder made news with an estimate that 392 trillion cubic feet could be produced read more »
6/12/2009      DRILLING DONE RIGHT - It is possible!

Broader View Weekly, April 3, 2009

The above article is a balanced view on both sides of the gas drilling issue.  Most of the folks in the Friendsville Group have not yet signed leases because they are looking for a read more »
The main purpose of the attached study is to identify, quantify, and assess the relative value of state oil and gas regulations.  It does not evaluate the effectiveness of the individual state programs, address the implementation of the regulations, or monitor their enforcement.  However, "if a regulation is formally approved, it constitutes a requirement read more »
6/11/2009      Modern Shale Gas Development in the United States: A Primer
The introduction to this attached document says that the objective of the report is to answer questions and decisions about how to manage the challenges that may accompany shale gas development.  The Primer describes the shale gases contribution to the U.S.'s future energy needs, natural gases role in alternative energy strategies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   The report provides read more »
5/28/2009      U.S. Natural Gas Boom: The Race to Tap Shale's Potential
See the attached article from Popular Mechanics about the renewed interest in Natural Gas from Shales.  A quote says:
"If energy companies can overcome the current recession and start exploiting shale gas, the volume of these deposits has the potential to change energy policy, Engelder says. If gas companies read more »
4/30/2009      Colorado passes improved Oil and Gas Rules
See the attached article on recent Colorado Oil and Gas Rules put in place to regulate the Oil and Gas Industry.  We need to encourage our politicians to organize and get behind a movement to enact similar improved legislation for PA. 
read more »
4/1/2009      5 Reasons Natural Gas Is Poised to Bounce Back
See the attached article that talks about the inevitability that natural gas prices will climb.  The report says:
"In an era where carbon will add significantly to the cost of high carbon energy sources, the environmental friendliness of natural gas will make it an even more economical alternative to read more »
3/19/2009      Chesapeake presentation on Shale Development
See the attached file to learn more about the benefits of Natural Gas, Unconventional Shale Development, and Marcellus Development.
This is a presentation that Chesapeake did in Nov08.  It shows the strengths of Natural Gas over other petroleum based energy sources.  Included is a high level education about the unconventional read more »
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